The Wim Hof Method

"Feeling is understanding."

Wim Hof

Wim Hof has 26 world records for some of the most extreme feats ever witnessed. Climbing Everest with nothing but shorts, the longest ever ice bath and a marathon in the desert with no water, to name just a few. There was a time when he was seen as no more than a circus act and labeled a mad man.

Everything changed when the method was put under scientific scrutiny. Amongst the many incredible findings, it was discovered that not only can Wim influence his body and mind in ways never thought to be possible, we all can! Science has shown we are capable of so much more and we are only at the tip of the iceberg.

Let’s make something clear. The Wim Hof Method and Wim Hof are not the same thing! At a workshop you are not learning how to survive dangerous challenges. Safety and fun is paramount!

The Three Fundamental Pillars.

Breathing Exercises

Conscious breathwork is the most important health practice that we as modern humans are only just discovering. The way we breathe has a direct effect on our state of mind with an immediate effect on reducing chronic stress and anxiety.

We can change our biochemistry, strengthen our lungs, diaphragm, blood circulation, the nervous system and increase energy & endurance. Using the breath we can access the autonomic nervous system, reduce inflammation, strengthen the immune system and prime the body in preparation for the cold. It is safe to say there is a treasure trove of benefits to the WHM breathing techniques.

Gradual Cold Exposure

There are an abundance of health benefits induced when cold training. It is an extremely powerful tool for creating physical, emotional and mental resilience. When we enter the cold willingly, there’s a flood of feel good hormones, increased focus and an instantly clear mind. We can strengthen the cardiovascular system and improve heart health. An increase in the production of white blood cells helps us fight off pathogens and unwelcome invaders in the body. Cold training safely is a transformative health practice that could significantly change your life.

Mindset & Commitment

Mindset is a core belief or assumption that you make about a domain. Research has shown more health benefits when willingly entering cold, as opposed to being forced or doing it against your own will. Cold water will always be uncomfortable but when focusing your mind on the positive outcomes, it can change the entire experience. There are now some very credible studies showing how thoughts change your physiology. It takes commitment to foster resilience and practice the method regularly. Cold water will never be easy and will always trigger a stress response, but stepping into the cold and managing the stress becomes easier. You can then apply this to different areas of your life.

The method has an array of incredible physical and mental benefits.

Benefits of WHM


Jack Witts is an accredited Wim Hof Method Instructor based in Bristol, UK.


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