Winter Retreat

The Wim Hof Method & So Much More
29th November - 3rd December

"A life-affirming 4-day winter expedition, embracing the Wim Hof Method and so much more"
Activities and 1-2-1 Support

Winter Retreat

Guided by our team of experienced facilitators. Unlock the ability to maintain inner peace, regardless of external challenges, all while enjoying the journey. This retreat welcomes participants of all levels, whether you’re a beginner or an advanced practitioner. 

During this retreat, you will gain insights on how to effectively navigate stress and stay calm, optimise your health, endurance, and well-being, enhance focus, sleep, and overall mental clarity, and manage and alleviate pain.

Over the course of four days, we delve deep into the art of influencing the nervous system, offering moments of both challenge and bliss, followed by profound relaxation. The extended immersive experience presents an opportunity for a gradual introduction to the Wim Hof Method (WHM) in breathtaking natural settings. Participants come to rely on each other during these challenging moments, and the enduring friendships forged are often considered the most valuable outcome of these journeys.

Individuals who join this experience come with various motivations, whether it’s to push beyond perceived physical or psychological limits, embark on a personal journey to overcome adversity or trauma, or simply seek unique experiences to enrich their lives.

Expect to encounter captivating stories from a diverse array of participants hailing from different walks of life. These encounters offer fresh and distinctive perspectives that may inspire you to view your own life through a new lens.

Kelly Williams
Kelly Williams
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The best thing I've ever done. Jack was great at leading and helped me achieve my goal
Matthew Holder-Biziou
Matthew Holder-Biziou
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Really beautiful and energising weekend. The breath work and ice baths were incredible and would suggest it to anyone looking for a wholesome and inspiring weekend! Jack created a safe space for everyone to fully let go and and make the most of the special experience. Fantastic knowledge in many areas and taught me a lot of new breathing techniques, really would recommend a weekend with Jack!!
Kathy Ashdown
Kathy Ashdown
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A truly memorable experience. Jack provided the right amount of information to understand the many benefits of The Wim Hoff method. The breathing exercises provided a very powerful experience made better by being in a group setting. I felt very safe and in professional hands. Jack was very sensitive to group members needs and was exceptionally skilled at supporting participants during the ice bath experience. I would highly recommend Jack and thank him for his first class instruction.
Joanna Bryan-Smith
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It was an incredible experience that I was nervous about attending. Jack made everyone feel at ease, and at the end of it I felt lighter, calmer and more connected with myself and others around me. I suffer from Raynold's and my hands and feet were fine, which was a real shock and unexpected, it really meant a lot. I would highly recommend it!!


3pm: Arrive and welcome drinks

3.30pm: Introductions and meeting the crew. 

4pm: We will start to craft a mission statement that reflects our purpose, values, and objectives, shaping a clear path forward.

4.30pm: Dive into the fundamentals of breathing mechanics, followed by a deep and powerful breathwork session.

5.30pm: A sharing circle. Following the breathwork session, a sense of natural relaxation and ease envelops us. It is at this point that we take the opportunity to introduce ourselves and perhaps express our intentions for the weekend and beyond.

7.00pm: Feast, fire and getting to know each other

8am: Explore the foundational elements of the Wim Hof Method, with a special emphasis on the art of Wim Hof Method breathing and its underlying scientific principles.

9.30am: Breakfast

10.30am: Wim Hof Method, centring on the power of cold exposure and its scientific basis. (Optional ice bath)

1pm: Lunch 

2.30pm: Mapping out the Nervous System: In this session, we delve into the intricacies of the nervous system through the lens of breathwork. Discover effective real-time techniques for influencing the nervous system and gain insights into how various states manifest in our everyday lives

3.30pm: Use this time to relax, use the sauna and reflect on the teachings and how you might integrate what you have learnt into your life 

5.30: Rejuvenate mind and body with Yoga Nidra and learn how to deeply relax your nervous system

7.00pm: Dinner

8.00am: Discover profound serenity in our Yin Yoga and Meditation class. Soothe the body, quiet the mind, and find inner stillness through gentle stretches and mindfulness

8.45: Dive into profound healing during our powerful Breathwork session, unlocking vitality and emotional release for deep well-being and renewal.

10.30: Breakfast

11.30: Enhance your practice with optional advanced Wim Hof Method technique focusing on cold exposure 

2pm: Lunch 

3pm: Much needed rest time

5pm: A deeply relaxing sound bath with breathwork and meditation 

7pm: Dinner

7.30am: Power breathing

8.30: Breakfast

9.30: After a safety briefing, we embark on our mountain journey with newfound confidence and strength

5pm: Dinner

6pm: In our closing circle with as cacao ceremony, we come together to reflect on our journey and determine how we’ll carry these valuable teachings forward. We will finish with a sound journey and celebration. 


Set in the most glorious countryside, with luxury accommodation and outstanding facilities

Triple Shared Bathroom: £660 per person

Shared Rooms Ensuite: £840 per person

Double Ensuite: £1015 for single occupancy. Additional person: £540.


Llanidloes, Wales


We have 3 different accommodation options - Choose yours below


Triple shared bathroom

£660 (Per Person)

Twin / Triple Ensuite

£840 (Per Person)

Number of people (max 4)

Double Ensuite


For additional occupants the price is £540
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For over a decade, my focus has centred on researching the optimisation of mental and physical health. As an accredited Wim Hof Method instructor and Breathwork Biohacker, I seamlessly blend these teachings with various practices, custom-tailored for individuals or groups. My ultimate goal is to implement practical methods that harness the body and mind, fostering the transformation of both physiology and psychology, ultimately leading to a happier life.

In my early 20s, navigating a tumultuous upbringing and battling PTSD and depression, I was on a trajectory to nowhere good. However, discovering fundamental techniques triggered a paradigm shift, revealing that I held the reins to my destiny. Faced with a choice between a destructive path or the longer, winding road of constructing a life aligned with my aspirations, I chose the latter. 

Emerging from rock bottom, I embarked on an incredible journey, mastering the art of turning challenges into wellsprings of strength and new opportunities.

With a personable, step-by-step approach, I empower individuals to transform their focus, mindset, and habits, facilitating a truly fulfilling life.

Dr. Agnies Calkoen

Dr. Agnies Calkoen is a natural healer with a unique ability to create a supportive environment. Born and raised in the Netherlands, she pursued her medical education in Amsterdam. Following years of medical practice in Zimbabwe, she sought General Practice training in the UK, dedicating over 25 years to the field as a GP before her recent retirement. Throughout her career, Agnies explored unconventional aspects of healthcare, incorporating practices like herbalism, acupuncture, energy healing, and nutrition into her daily work. 

After years of devoted service as a doctor, she continues to passionately support individuals with an unmatched ability to hold space. Her empathetic nature and genuine concern create a comforting atmosphere where people feel heard and understood.

This unique talent builds lasting connections with those she serves, leaving an indelible mark on the hearts of those fortunate enough to encounter her care.

Agnies recognises the value of exposing oneself to challenges in a supportive manner, understanding the potential physical, mental, emotional, and spiritual rewards. 



Neil, a Holistic Therapist, Coach, and Educator hailing from South Africa, dedicates himself to empowering individuals to live lives free from pain, stress, and anxiety, fostering abundance, creativity, and personal growth. His journey into health and wellness began in 2002 in New Zealand, focusing on sports science and optimising human performance. 

Rising from roles like University Lecturer and Researcher to leading athlete performance for World Cup teams, Neil confronted personal struggles and trauma, redirecting him towards prioritising his own healing through nature and traditional medicine.

Curing his illnesses opened doors to teachings from Tribal Chiefs globally, leading Neil to embrace the path of initiation as a Sangoma (Zulu Shaman) and learn ancient African spiritual and healing teachings. Over 8 years, Neil’s holistic approach has evolved to address physical, emotional, and mental challenges using techniques like Breathwork, Sound Therapy, Life Coaching, and Trauma Therapy.

Having settled in Manchester, Neil founded Future Wellbeing, a Holistic Wellbeing School offering Diplomas in Holistic Performance Coaching and Therapies. He also consults, co-creates festivals, events, and wellbeing retreats worldwide, uniting practitioners, tribal elders, and visionaries for collective awakening and wellbeing.



At Sacred Kitchen, Becky cooks with a mindful touch, infusing each dish with intention and care. Her culinary approach extends beyond the kitchen, becoming an integral part of the healing experience during retreats. By choosing ingredients deliberately and crafting meals with precision, Becky ensures that each bite contributes to the therapeutic journey of the guests. Through her conscious cooking, she transforms nourishment into a sincere expression of healing, making every meal at Sacred Kitchen a thoughtful blend of sustenance and well-being.



Jack Witts is an accredited WHM instructor and breathwork biohacker based in Bristol, UK.


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