Forest Retreat

The Wim Hof Method & So Much More

Shared accommodation 

£450 all inclusive / Camping £300

14th / 15th / 16th April 2023

Forest Retreats Ltd Hill Farm, Barbadoes NP16 6ST

Forest Retreat - The Wim Hof Method & So Much More

Join us for a deep dive into the Wim Hof Method whilst immersed in nature.

In an area of ‘outstanding natural beauty’ we will learn the art and science of breathwork, resilience and influencing the nervous system. 

This is not just a wonderful experience, you will gain tools and techniques that you can use for the rest of your life!

The main focus is mastering interoception. We all can acquire the skills to assess our current state and then give the nervous system what it needs.  

With a combination of digestible science and practical application, you will learn to take control of your body and mind.  

Expect moments of bliss, challenge, deep rest and clarity as we go passed our perceived limitations and learn to recover effectively. 

£450 All Inclusive

(Food, Activities, Accommodation Included)

£300 Camping

(Food & Activities Included)


3pm Arrive and register 

4pm – and a deep and powerful introduction into breathwork and the nervous system 

6.30pm until bed – Feast, fire and getting to know each other

8am: Wim Hof Method Fundamentals 

9.30am: Breakfast

10.30am: Wim Hof Method Fundamentals 

1pm: Lunch 

3pm: Outdoor spa. Use this time to reflect on the teachings and how you might integrate what you have learnt into your life 

5.30:  Gentle restorative yoga and breathwork

7pm: Feast and celebrate 

3pm: Arrive and register

4pm: A deep and power introduction into breathwork and the nervous system

6.30pm: Feast, fire and getting to know each other


Jack Witts is an accredited WHM breathwork coach based in Bristol, UK.


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