Expanding Potential

Expanding Potential


(A Brand New 6 Week Course Coming Soon)

Expanding Potential

Transforming Your Life Through Breathwork

My brand new full and immersive 6 week course will teach you the fundamental principles to optimise the key areas of your life and expand your potential using breathing techniques.

Breath training is the most important health practice and we are only now discovering why.


Would you like anytime access to:

✅More focus and energy

✅Better rest and sleep

✅Greater confidence and self esteem

✅Enhanced athletic performance

✅The ability to master stress

✅Increased self belief

✅Better health

✅So much more


The breath is the governor of the nervous system. Using a basic understanding of how together they communicate, and with some very accessible techniques, we can change our state at will.


With a combination of digestible science and practical application, you will learn to take control of your physiology.


Jack Witts is an accredited Wim Hof Method Instructor based in Bristol, UK.


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